The environmental case for the virtual office.

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A virtual office will certainly make your business greener. Companies large and small and making efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

One way for businesses to go green, is by becoming virtual. Virtual offices reduce consumption and pollution. The traditional office, requires an excessive amount of energy to be run sufficiently. It also requires all staff to travel in and out of the office on a daily basis, resulting in more use of transport and cars, increasing emissions that harm the environment. The traditional office also uses massive amounts of electricity on lighting, air conditioning, computers, heating etc. This places a huge strain on the environment.

The main environmental aspect to using a virtual office, is that staff do not have to commute to work, which reduces congestion on the roads, loss of productivity and which is overall good for the environment. As a result reduced car travel, staff don’t require parking with reduces congestion around our cities and towns, freeing up more space and making it possible to increase pedestrian areas along with more cycling lanes. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

During the recent lock down from March to May, a lot of workers were able to manage remote working, with the help of technology and communications. It is possible to a huge amount of the working population are able to work remotely, especially those involved in IT and finance. Even before the lock down, how many companies had empty offices, unused meeting rooms and open areas that serve no purpose. For this kind of business a virtual office will cut your costs massively along with your carbon footprint. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneurs and renting an office, co-working space, consider a virtual office and again cut your costs and environmental footprint.

Last week, the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar, tweeted about setting up his new home office. He remarked “The Government wants remote working to become part of the new normal. If done right, the benefits will be huge: reduced business costs, better work-life balance, espcially for parents, less traffic, lower emissions and time saved on the commute.”

As Leo said, image the time saved on the commute and the reduction in emissions. Not only that, but image the increase in productivity, instead of time spent sitting in a car in traffic.

The virtual office actually cuts back on the use of printing. Within the digital office environment, printing is no longer a necessity for many documents. Whilst working remotely staff can view and sign documents online. As time moves on we require the printer less and less and working remotely will only encourage this.

So remember folks, a virtual office will ease your business’s impact on the earth and make you better looking:)