Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Top 25 questions people ask about getting a business address or virtual office in Dublin. We answer them all!

Where is Dublin Mail Drop based?

We are based in Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4 near Baggot Street Bridge.

How long have Dublin Mail Drop been in business?

Established in 2008 Dublin Mail Drop is now ten years in business.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides business address services, without providing dedicated office space. Many virtual office providers also provide telephone services along with meeting room facilities.

What is the Dublin business address service?

The business address service, provides clients, a central Dublin address, in which they can receive mail in their name/company name. This mail is then forwarded to them via mail or email.

What address will I be using after I sign up?

After signing up the address you will be using will be as follows: Your Name/Company Name, 13 Baggot Street Upper, 2nd Floor, Dublin 4, D04 W7K5.

How often is my mail sent out?

This is entirely up to you. Mail can be forwarded to you on a daily/weekly/monthly basis – however you wish.

Can you email me my mail?

Yes, we can forward you your mail via email. With our scan to email service, mail received for your attention, will be opened, scanned and forwarded to you via email.

How do I sign up with Dublin Mail Drop?

1. You can sign up online or in person at our offices in Baggot Street.
2. After receipt of your order, we will request proof of identification, as we are requested to do under the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) Act 2010:

  • Proof of ID of company director(s) (Passport or Driving Licence).
  • Proof of residential or business address (utility bill).
  • Company papers (Cert of Incorporation or Business Name..

How long does it take to set up my account?

Upon completion of the above process, we will have your services set up the same day.

Can I visit the Dublin Mail Drop office to sign up?

Absolutely, please pop into our Baggot Street office and we can sign you up to our services there and then. We have a Nespresso machine, so you can enjoy a coffee, while we sign you up. We don’t have tea sorry☹

Can I change my mail forwarding address after a time?

Yes, please email us on from the same email you signed up with, listing your new details and we will have your records changed the same day.

Is our virtual office services suitable for international clients?

Yes, our business address service is a perfect way international businesses and clients can obtain an Dublin office address without incurring the substantial overheads associated with office rental.

How can I pay for the service?

Upon successful sign up, we will email invoice along with link to enable payment by card or alternatively payment can be made via bank transfer. If your old fashioned, we will also accept cheques😊

Will I be informed if I do not have postage for mail to be forwarded?

Yes, our team will email you a link to top up your postage, if your mail forwarding deposit depletes.

Is this a real physical address or just a PO Box?

Our address is a real physical office located on Baggot Street and not a PO box.

What businesses use virtual office services?

Short answer is any business can use virtual offices. Virtual Offices can be employed by almost any business looking to minimize their overheads and it’s a low cost alternative to establishing a physical office in Dublin.

Do you have meeting rooms to rent?

Yes, our private offices, all you to work alone or hold meetings for up to four persons. Our offices are equipped with high speed internet and white boards along with refreshments.

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

It projects professionalism.

Using a business address service, looks more professional than using your home address or a po box service. Having a prestigious business address on your website and business cards will add legitimacy to your business.

Lowers overheads

The two largest expenses for small businesses are rent and personnel. Virtual offices can help significantly reduce both. Dublin office rents are now higher than ever. As well as the rental of space, there are extra costs such as the purchase of furniture, setting up of phones, internet and council rates. Furthermore, upfront expenditures, long term lease commitments and hiring of new personnel significantly increase the company’s business risk.

Can I use the mail forwarding address for personal use?

Yes, you can use our address services for personal and/or business use.

How does the call answering service work?

You will be provided with your own dedicated Dublin landline phone number. Calls to this number, will be professionally answered by our team in your company name. You can provide the text of how you wish calls to be answered. Messages taken from callers will immediately be forwarded to you via email.

How does the call forwarding service work?

You will receive your own dedicated Dublin telephone number. Calls to this number will immediately be forwarded to your mobile/landline number nationally or internationally.

What is the difference between call answering and call forwarding?

With the call answering service, your calls will be answered by our team and messages forwarded to you. With the call forwarding services, calls will be forwarded to your phone, for you or your staff to answer.

What are Dublin Mail Drop’s opening hours?

We are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm