Dublin Mail Drop’s statement on racism and discrimination

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Racism goes against Dublin Mail Drop’s mission statement. We provide services in Dublin to client’s domestically and internationally no matter what their creed or colour. Our services are there to offer opportunity accessible to and inclusive of everyone, everywhere.

Every workplace including our own, have an influence on the surrounding community, so if the workplace can send a strong anti-racist message, that can have a very positive influence on the wider community.

Dublin Mail Drop’s mission is to give everyone the power to lower their business costs and to express their opinions and beliefs without barriers. Free expression is a human right and everyone no matter the background is free to express themselves and be respected.

We all have a responsibility to help in our own way to build a community of equal opportunities where no one is judged by the colour of their skin, their sexuality, their gender, their disability or their religious beliefs.  There is a lot of work in the months and years ahead but Dublin Mail Drop is committed to working with our local community to enable people of all backgrounds to feel safe, thrive and succeed in business.