Why is there a growing market for the ‘virtual office’.

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Prior to the worldwide reality of locked-down society, this undervaluation of virtual office services could have been excused as technically, the virtual office was still a niche market in the business world. To recall, the foundations for the virtual office concept were first laid back in the 1960s, and ever since the industry has gone from strength to strength. 

This year especially has seen a growing number of businesses working remotely due to the Covid-19. During the pre-pandemic era, it didn’t make sense for small businesses to enter into an expensive lease for office space when there’s the option to work remotely as a team.

Passing large offices around Dublin city, you can see empty offices, where once they were packed with staff.

To put it briefly, a virtual office  offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to businesses that want to access the conveniences of a professional environment without actually having a physical office. These offices ultimately give remote teams the best of both worlds — for an affordable price, businesses can utilize their virtual office provider’s amenities without being tied to a conventional lease.

Some of the benefits of a virtual office include:

  1.  It can reduce or completely erase all your office or even retail rent. Think about it, do some firms really need a physical space i.e. an office or even a retail space. What if the retail space had a virtual office and a 100% online presence? IT firms, engineers, legal firms, it so much easier, think about it.
  2. It reduces costs associated with office and retail rental, such as utility bills, rates etc.
  3. receive a prestigious business address, which you can use for all your business purposes. A good business address will aide the growth of your business and help it grow.
  4. With a virtual office you can work remotely, safe in the thought that any important mail is received at your business address, which can in turn be forwarded to you or scanned and emailed to you on a daily basis.
  5. Working remotely you can also sign up to a call answering service. With this service you will never miss a call again. Sometimes working from home, you may not be able to get all calls, whilst dealing with kids etc. The call answering service, calls will be answered in your company name, professionally, messages taken and forwarded to you daily.
  6. In a post Covid world, the virtual office will still benefit you in so many cost saving ways, covered above already, along with saving you time commuting and parking costs.
  7. With a virtual office, you do not have to work in an physical office environment, thus exposing you and your family to any health problems.
  8. You have peace of mind. Whilst you deal with the stress of a pandemic and look after your business and your family, you can rest assured you business affairs are in safe hands with our virtual office solutions.
  9. If Covid rules permit, you can meet your clients via our meeting room facilities. You can even rent one of our serviced offices to use on a daily/weekly basis.

The main and significant advantage of a virtual office is that they are much more cost-effective than a traditional physical office. You pay for a prestigious business address without paying the large rents that come with it which in turn, enables you to keep business expenses low as you reduce costs of commuting and transportation, office equipment, office maintenance, and utilities, the cost of a full-time receptionist, relocation costs, work attire, and all other associated costs of a brick and mortar space. 

At Dublin Mail Drop we have being offering virtual office services in Dublin for over two decades. Clients love the flexibility of the virtual office and freedom to work away from the office in the safe knowledge all their mail and phone calls are looked after professionally and they always have the option of renting a meeting room or a physical office for flexible time periods.