What is a virtual office and how can it benefit your business?

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Basically, a virtual office is a service which provides a business owner with all the advantages of a commercial office – an office address and telephone number, communication and administration services, along with access to meeting rooms – without the need for physical office space.

The virtual office has become a popular solution for startups and entrepreneurs who work from home but want a professional-sounding business address for their company. It gives business owners all the benefits of a ’brick and mortar’ location without the expense of renting an actual office and avoiding the costs associated with office rental. A virtual business address can help to add credibility to a business, which makes it easier to attract clients and contracts.

Key Benefits of a Virtual Office Address

1. Professionalism: Home offices are becoming more acceptable, especially during the ongoing Covid crisis, but using a central Dublin virtual office address, makes your business look more professional than if you used your home address.

2. Savings: – A virtual office allows clients to the benefits of a traditional office, without having to rent a physical office and therefore reduces costs associated with office rental, such as utility bills, rates, staffing etc.

3. Location: With a virtual office address service, a business can get a prestigious central address, which is a smart way to reassure clients that your business is professional and legitimate.

4. Efficiency: Working remotely whilst employing a virtual office address saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on a daily commute.

5. Communication: A dedicated business phone number, provides you peace of mind that you will never miss a call again. Sometimes working from home, you may not be able to get all calls, whilst dealing with kids etc. The call answering service, calls will be answered in your company name, professionally, messages taken and forwarded to you daily.

6. Meeting Room Facilities: Virtual office packages also provide access to high quality meeting rooms for face to face client meetings.

7. Work Life Balance: With virtual office solutions, you have more time to concentrate on your business and family along with avoiding long commute times.

Finding the Right Virtual Office Space in Dublin

Virtual offices are ideal for small business owners, but they can also work for medium and large businesses.

If you are looking to benefit from a professional virtual office provider, Dublin Mail Drop can help to match you with the virtual business services your require at our central Dublin 4 location. Dublin Mail Drop have nearly 15 years experience and in-depth knowledge of the virtual office market, so you can look forward to a quick and professional virtual office solution.