Virtual Office Dream Combination – Call Answering and Scan to Email

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No matter if you are currently in business, a startup, small or medium company or freelancer, it is good to review you office space. So if your currently renting space, ask yourself do you need all or part of it? Or if your setting up a new business or using your home as your business address you should consider a virtual office service.

At Dublin Mail Drop, we have been offering virtual office services for the past 12 years. Over the years, we have learned to listen to our clients and what they require.

We have drawn up a package, which we find our clients just love and gives them a hands off in relation to communications. This virtual office package includes:

1. Business Address and Scan to Email Service:
With this service you will have use of our central Dublin Baggot Street address, which you can use on your company website, letterheads along with using it as your Registered Office address with the Companies Registration Office.

Baggot Street and the surrounding areas are alive with the energy of newly established startups and entrepreneurs. Thousands of construction workers are working on a number of new office blocks on Baggot Street and surrounding areas, showing the demand and future demand for space in this small area.

Potential customers will be discouraged away from businesses that provide no contact address. No matter what type of business you are in, being able to present potential clients with a physical address, at which they can contact you, will help your business build both trust and credibility. Having a Baggot Street address will embrace confidence in your potential clients.

With the Scan to email service, mail received in your name/ company name at our Baggot Street office, will be opened, scanned and forwarded to you via email. With this service, you will save money on postage and will be notified on receive of documentation, invoices, payments etc, the same day. So whilst you are working on growing your business, you can rest assured all mail received for you will be sent the same day to your inbox.

2. Live Call Answering Service
With the live call answering service, you will have a full benefits of a live receptionist answering your calls, professionally in your company name. The client can usually provide the script of how calls should be answered. The live call answering service, will come at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a full time receptionist. The phone answering service will provide you with all the benefits of having a real life company receptionist, but without having to incur the financial costs as an employers along with employer commitments and obligations.

With a live receptionist, your calls will always be answered, no matter what you work at or where you are. You could be in a meeting with clients, in a bar or restaurant, working from home with the kids screaming in the background and you can rest assured, your calls will be answered in a polite and efficient way. Messages are taken and forwarded to you via phone or email. Imagine all the calls you are missing and could miss in the future. Some could be potential clients and sales. Missing these sort of calls will affect the turnover of your business. A recent survey carried out by Dublin Mail Drop showed that 54% of Irish customers will not ring back, if their call isn’t answered on the first attempt, meaning that whatever business they were potentially going to give your company is well and truly gone.