Frequently Asked Questions Regarding a Virtual Office in Dublin.

frequently asked questions on virtual office in dublin
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So back in 2020 we posted a blog regarding common questions we are always asked regarding virtual office services. The below is mostly a copy of this blog from 2020, but we have added in some new queries.

I’ve outlined below a list of typical questions we get and of course I have taken time out to answer them.

Can I use a virtual office as my business address?
One of the main services a virtual office provides is the business address service. Yes, you can use our Baggot Street address for all your business requirements. For example you can use our address on your website, registering the the Company Registration Office, with the Revenue and any correspondence really.

How many company names can I sign up?
You can sign up one limited company name along with two personal names. If you require other company names that is also possible.

Who can use a virtual office?
Entrepreneurs and freelancers use virtual offices along with start-ups and small and medium companies. At Dublin Mail Drop, we have a huge range of various sized companies signed up to our services. A virtual office may not suit some companies, however, we have a wide variety of businesses signed up to our services including companies involved in airlines, property, finance, education, IT, medical food, legal industry, to name but a few.

How does a virtual office work?
Basically a virtual office is an alternative to renting a physical office and incorporates various services such as business address service, mail forwarding, call answering/forwarding, meeting room facilities. A virtual office enables business owners and their employees to work remotely.  Most importantly it enables a business to maintain a presence in a prestigious location, without the need to pay rent for physical office space. The virtual office has become popular with freelancers and entrepreneurs over the last number of years and especially now with the disruption of a pandemic.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time and we don’t charge a penalty or cancellation fee.

Can I use a virtual office for personal reasons?
You sure can. Some of our clients use our address service, as they may travel for months of the year and are between different countries. Mail can be accepted in a persons name and doesn’t have to be a business name.

How do I get mail received at my virtual office?
Any mail received in your name/your company name can be forwarded to you by domestic or international post, depending on your location. Mail can also be opened, scanned and forwarded to you via secure email or if you wish to can collect mail in person.

How do I set up a virtual office?
Simply go to our subscription page and click on ‘subscribe’. Choose which services you require and you can select monthly or annual payment.

What documentation do I need to set up a virtual office?
Under the Criminal Justice (Mondy Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010, we are required to verify both the persons signing up and their business. As a result we require 1. Photo ID for each director/owner of the business. 2. Proof of residential address 3. Company papers.

Why should I choose Dublin Mail Drop as your virtual office?
Dublin Mail Drop has over a decades experience providing our clients with professional virtual office services. Another good reason is our location. Present day Baggot Street is a prestigious commercial and residential area. It is nestled between St. Stephen’s Greeen and Ballsbridge and some of the worlds largest corporations have their headquarters within a kilometre. Google and Twitter’s Head Office’s are in the nearby docklands. Baggot Street and the surrounding areas are alive with the energy of newly established startups and entrepreneurs.

What are the main benefits of having a virtual office?
With commercial rents in Dublin near all time highs and financial pressures on business along with recession threats of Covid, companies are seeking smaller, more flexible and cheaper office space. In Dublin, the pressures of the residential property market, commuting and city congestion along with the changing balance between work and home life will reshape Dublin in the coming years.  As virtual office services are embraced, more and more people working from home and choosing flexibility, the future of the office is virtual, flexible and remote. 

Now during the Covid 19, as well as post Covid, virtual office services,  will now more in demand than ever.  With working from home becoming more of an option and entrepreneurs and freelancers becoming less dependent on using serviced office services such as Regus and co-working space such as WeWork, there is a rapid opening for virtual office solutions to assist people working from home and those working outside Dublin and even outside Ireland, wanting to reduce their office overheads and still have a prestigious Dublin 4 office address with all the backup support a business requires.