Fifteen Tips to Successfully Working from Home

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This time last year, who would have thought the vast majority of people in Ireland, would be working from home and even after a relaxing of the Covid-19 restrictions, a huge section of the Irish workforce is still remote working.

You know what?  We made it work.  Each employee and company managed to make it through the crisis so far.  Twenty years ago, remote working would never have worked, but now in 2020, due to massive technological advances, remote working is effective.

So here are our 15 Tips to make working from home successful:

  1. Maintain Regular Hours
    Keeping regular hours is very important to maintain a good work-life balance.
  2. Routine in the Morning:~
    Keep a routine in the morning, like you do going to the office.  Start at the same hour.  Make a cup of coffee and if you have meetings at 10am each morning, you can still do this online.
  3. Employ a Business Coach:
    A business coach can help you to find creative ways to be more productive when working from home.
  4. Dedicated Office Space:
    Obviously depending on the size of your residence, seek out a room or a corner of a room to make your office. 
  5. Online Security:
    If you work for yourself make sure you maintain excellent security software or if you work for a company, your managers should support decent security for any device you use for work.
  6. Play Music:
    I know, this is an unusual one, but personally I feel music on in the background increases productivity and your work rate.
  7. Chair:
    Make sure you have a super comfortable chair and protect your back and posture.
  8. Set Boundaries:
    Set boundaries for everyone in the house, whether it is your partner or children.  Set clear boundaries not to be disturbed every 15 minutes😊
  9. Social Media:
    Keep away for your personal social media accounts. It is not good for productivity.  If possible remove them from your browser.
  10. Use Technology to stay connected: 
    Stay connected with your bosses and work colleagues and clients via online technology such as Zoom etc.
  11. The Fridge:
    Keep away from the fridge every hour😊, especially if your office is in or near the kitchen.  Take your regular coffee and lunch break, but don’t be snacking every hour or two.
  12. Internet Speed:
    If you are working from home a lot, make sure you check out all your internet providers and maybe change or upgrade your service.
  13. Productivity:
    Work wherever you find you are most productive.  If it is on the couch with your feet up on a foot stool and laptop on top of a cushion – go for it.
  14. Kids
    If you have children, make sure you have set a routine for them.  On occasion use streaming services to keep them entertained.
  15. Take Regular Breaks:
    Especially if you work from a computer, take regular 5 minute breaks every 1 to 1 and a half hours.