What is a virtual office?

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Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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I’m often asked, what is a virtual office?  Basically a virtual office is an alternative to renting a physical office and incorporates various services such as business address service, mail forwarding, call answering/forwarding, meeting room facilities.

A virtual office enables business owners and their employees to work remotely.  
Most importantly it enables a business to maintain a presence in a prestigious location, without the need to pay rent for physical office space.

The virtual office has become popular with freelancers and entrepreneurs over the
last number of years and especially now with the disruption of a pandemic.
What does a virtual office provide?

The virtual office providers will provide the following services:

  1. Business Address:
    Client’s can sign up to a business address service which they can use as their registered office with the CRO.  They can use this address on their website, correspondence, registering with the Revenue along with opening bank accounts etc.    The business address allows businesses to have a prestigious address for their company, rather than using their residential address.
  2. Mail Forwarding & Scanning Service:
    Mail received at your virtual office in your name and your company name is
    forwarded to you via mail or in cases, mail can be opened on your behalf, scanned and emailed to you on a daily basis via email or portal.
  3. Live Call Answering Receptionist:
    You will receive your own dedicated phone number. Calls to this number will be answered in your company name. Messages will be professionally taken and forwarded to you by phone or email.
  4. Meeting Rooms:
    From time to time you can hire meeting room facilities via your virtual office provider.  You can use the meeting rooms for meeting clients or staff working remotely.
  5. Office Space
    Some virtual office providers also offer part time office space, serviced offices and co-working space.

Who uses Virtual Offices?
Entrepreneurs and freelancers use virtual offices along with start-ups and small and medium companies. At Dublin Mail Drop, we have a huge range of various sized companies signed up to our services.

A virtual office may not suit some companies, however, we have a wide variety of businesses signed up to our services including companies involved in airlines, property, finance, education, IT, medical food, legal industry, to name but a few.

A virtual office can also be used in conjunction with co-working space and flexible office space, which would save a business lots of money each year.   You can have your core business presence with the virtual office, which you can hold meetings and use co-working space occasionally if you need office space, or just to get out of the

What are the advantages of using a virtual office?

  1. Less Overheads
    The main reason for using a virtual office, is that it allows businesses to have a presence in central Dublin, with the cost of renting a physical office, along with avoiding the costs associated with renting an office.
  2. Home Office:
    Another benefit is that you don’t have to use your home address as your
    business address. The virtual office address is a central Dublin address and
    looks more professional than a home address.
  3. Commuting:
    When you work remotely and have a virtual office, there is no commute to
    work. Pre Covid-19 some commute times to work in Dublin were over one
    hour. Also for small businesses, they don’t have to pay for parking spaces or
    on street parking.
  4. Business Image:
    Setting up a virtual office and using a professional virtual business address,
    instead of your home address, will add legitimacy and professionalism to your company.
  5. The Environment:
    Obviously, as we can see from the recent pandemic lockdown, the only
    winner was the environment. With remote working, people are not commuting to work or the office, freeing up roads and massively improving the environment.
  6. Reduces Risk of Business Failure:
    Having a virtual office enables your business to give out a professional image, with a prestigious business address and calls professional answered in your company name. Also as mentioned above the cost reductions to businesses, especially new and start-up, is massive and allows more free up of expenses and income.

Who should you choose as your virtual office in Dublin?

You should choose Dublin Mail Drop obviously:). We would say that, wouldn’t we!
Well we do have 12 years experience, based in Baggot Street. We are a small
company and provide a one on one to all our clients and understand the value of
providing each of our customers to the professionalism they and they business
deserve. We are always on hand by phone or email if you have any questions.
We are 100% Irish business and set up from scratch during the 2008 recession.
Since then we have signed up 100’s of businesses to our services and enjoy
great reviews online.