Virtual Office vs Home Office

How to run a virtual office
Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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In today’s modern working environment where flexibility and efficiency is key, there are a wide range of working environments to choose from, including virtual offices. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have the financial ability to rent actual physical office space – as a result many small companies and entrepreneurs work from home, using their home address as their business address. As a result, virtual office services are increasing in popularity.

If you’re just starting your business or looking for a cost effective office alternative, the virtual office has many advantages over a home office:

Professional Address:

By employing a virtual office, you will have access to an office with, usually, a central professional address. Your business location says more about your business, than you realise and having a professional address will help first impressions and make your business look more professional and dependable.

Meeting Clients:

Most virtual office providers in Dublin provide central Dublin business addresses and if you need to meet a client, they provide meeting room facilities at their address. The virtual office wins over the home office on this occasion, as it looks more professional meeting clients at a central office address, rather than a suburban residential address or a coffee shop.

Dedicated Receptionist:

As your business grows, more people are going to want to get in contact with you and it can quickly become overwhelming. With a virtual office, you’ll have access to a dedicated receptionist who will take calls in your company name. From there they will use their best judgement and determine whether they should route the call directly to you or take a message and email you.

Having a professional receptionist, if you work from home, adds a professional touch to your business and your phone conversation won’t be interrupted by a crying baby or a door bell ringing…

Work Life Balance:

One major issue with a home office is that your always at work. Your office is only steps away and it may be tempting you to spend all your time there. This distraction can easily harm a healthy work and life balance. By using a virtual office, you can get out of your house, without missing important phone calls or deliveries. It also allows you to get out of the house and use office space available or meeting rooms at the virtual office location.

When your considering a virtual office vs home office, a virtual office is the best option for a business that wants to save money while concentrating on growth and planning for the future. Virtual Offices provide the solutions small businesses need to give their customers and clients a satisfactory and professional experience.