How to survive your office Christmas party

With coworkers at the office party
Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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According to a recent survey from the BBC of more than 700 office workers, around a One of the main reasons for this is the anxiety of becoming too drunk and acting in an inappropriate or embarrassing way.

This year less than half of US firms will offer an open bar – down 13% from last year and most are doing away with the mistletoe, according to a new poll (mistletoe!! Seriously🙄) – it’s a general drive towards offices cutting back on alcohol to prevent binge drinking and ‘messy behavior’.

Below are a number of points to enable an enjoyable Christmas party and

1. Ensure employees use social media in a positive way:
Social media is a powerful too used by many in both personal and business life. Remind your employees that when using social media at the Christmas party, especially posting selfies, they are still representing your company, even though they are not in the office nor in work.
It could be a good idea to have one person act as a photographer for the night and only take appropriate photos. The next working day, everyone can choose their preferred photos for the company’s social media.
It’s vital they you create a general social media policy in your workplace. Informing staff of this new policy will make them aware of the rules and hopefully avoid any possible problems.

2. Pace Yourself:
Pacing yourself with the number of drinks you have in an hour is a good way to stop yourself from overindulging. A suggestion is a glass an hour will keep you at a comfortable buzz. While your drinking, notice how fast your drinking and don’t be ‘knocking back drinks’.
Using a star tends to make you drink faster, so sip from your glass and remember you don’t always have to be holding a drink in your hand.

3. No Shots:
We all know how drinking shots, can lead to nights taking a turn into the dark side, so its of the utmost advise to keep away from the Jagerbombs at the office Christmas party.

A study from Northern Kentucky University revealed the mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes the brain crave even more alcohol. The caffeine from Red Bull mixed with Jagermeister can lead to drinkers wanting even more. We’ve all seen the Facebook pages dedicated to nights gone wrong by drinking Jagermeister.

4. Don’t Speak your Mind:
Seriously, if ever you see a small business office Christmas party kicking off, everyone is looking slightly socially uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because they hate their colleague sitting next to them. Alcohol can loosen the tongue, so refrain from any loose take with colleagues your don’t like and especially if they are your boss😊

5. Don’t Jump your Crush:
Despite the convivial surroundings and dose of Dutch courage, the Christmas party is not your opportunity to pounce on the office hunk or tell your secret crush what you’d like to do to them behind closed doors. You risk regret, rejection, humiliation or worse.

Be careful about taking your flirting too far. Just because your feeling lascivious doesn’t mean others are sharing your mood and even if they are, this is not the time or place for drunken hook ups, unless you don’t mind being the subject of salacious post party office gossip.

6. Keep it Classy:
Even though this is your chance to relax with colleagues, don’t get too lose with yoru language or behavior. Avoid colourful jokes and swearing and maintain your manners – Keep it Classy.

It is possible to have fun at the office Christmas party while keeping your dignity and remaining professional. Allow yourself to let your hair down, get into the festive spirit and talk about something other than work and get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed context.