Reasons why Baggot Street is the best location for your business.

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Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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Baggot Streeet, named after Baggotrath, the manor granted to Robert Bagod in the 13th century. Robert Bagod was an Irish judge who was appointed the first Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas. He built Baggotrath Castle, which was supposed to be the strongest fortress in Dublin. It was located on present day Baggot Street. Baggotrath Castle was destroyed during the Siege of Dublin in 1649, on the eve of the Battle of Rathmines. The ruins of the castle were left on the site until the early 19th century, when Dublin Corporation demolished it. Believer it or not the Castle is to have stood around present day Searson’s Pub.

Present day Baggot Street is a prestigious commercial and residential area. It is nestled between St. Stephen’s Greeen and Ballsbridge and some of the worlds largest corporations have their headquarters within a kilometre. Google and Twitter’s Head Office’s are in the nearby docklands. Baggot Street and the surrounding areas are alive with the energy of newly established startups and entrepreneurs. Thousands of construction workers are working on a number of new office blocks on Baggot Street and surrounding areas, showing the demand and future demand for space in this small area.

Baggot Street is known nationwide as a prestigious central Dublin area. Ask most people anywhere in Ireland and they will know Baggot Street or have heard of it.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business, freelancer or a Startup, having a Baggot Street business address is something that can make your business image more professional and give your customers confidence in your business.~

Having a Baggot Street business address offers:

1. Trust and Confidence:

1. Potential customers will be discouraged away from businesses that provide no contact address. No matter what type of business you are in, being able to present potential clients with a physical address, at which they can contact you, will help your business build both trust and credibility. Having a Baggot Street address will embrace confidence in your potential clients.

2. SEO Reasons:
If your website has no business address listed, you don’t have much chance of being found on a Google search.

For example, if your business is website design and if a potential customer were to search for ‘website design Dublin’ on Google, your site has little or no chance of appearing in the top pages. Only website design businesses with an address in Dublin will appear in this search. More importantly, your business won’t show up on Google Maps, which is becoming more prominent on the top of Google page for local business searches.

3. Personal Privacy:
Using your home address for your business, as opposed to a Baggot Street address, there are both privacy and security issues, especially if you are listing your home address online. Using your home address also doesn’t look professional, plus if your renting your home, landlords don’t allow their address to be listed for business. Having a separate address for your business takes away these privacy and security issues.

4. A Place to meet clients:
Most of us communicate with our clients online or by phone. While it is feasible to meet them at their place of work or a coffee shop, having a Baggot Street business address, will allow you to invite them to your ‘place of work’ again supporting your credibility and professional image. We have meeting room facilities at our offices in Baggot Street, which can be rented by the hour or daily.

5. Increased Brand Exposure:
Having a Baggot Street location, will increase your businesses brand exposure. Your brand, product or services will be seen by more people in a central locations such as Baggot Street.

Central Dublin office space, especially around Baggot Street, can be very expensive. Dublin Mail Drop recognises this and offers serviced office space at a flexible affordable price along with our virtual business address services .