How our Virtual Office services can help you and your business though the Pandemic.

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Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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Dublin Mail Drop have been offering virtual office services in Baggot Street for two decades. Over this time, businesses have become more relaxed about using virtual office solutions.

Back in November, Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, recently released the results of a survey, which found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of medium to large-sized enterprises in Ireland are planning to reduce their office space as they embrace remote working on a more permanent basis. State Street, Google, Microsoft have all made announcement in recent months, signaling future reductions in their office footprint.

Not making the news headlines, are small firms, who are dumping small office space at record numbers. This has been a continuing trend and even before the Covid-19 crisis, many employers in Ireland were looking into remote working and flexible workspaces. A recent survey conducted in June this year by the National University of Ireland Galway, found that 83% of people currently working from home, would like to continue to do so.

Our virtual office services allows a firm to have a business address service in Dublin. The address can be used as your registered business address. Mail received can be collection, forwarded to you via mail or opened, scanned and emailed. You get a professional image for your new business without having to rent expensive office space. You can relax knowing that you don’t need to hire a full time receptionist, buying office equipment, and get a separate phone line either, because a virtual office can do all of this and much more. Yes, we can provide you with your own phone number and calls will be answered in your company name.

The main advantage of a virtual office is the cost savings. Think of all the savings saved not having to pay, physical office rent, council rates, utilities and staffing costs. All this freed up money can be used to further expand your business.

Having a virtual office allows you to have a business presence in one of the most prestigious locations in Dublin, without having to pay huge amounts of rent for a physical office and all the costs associated with office rental, rates, utilities, staff, parking etc. With a Baggot Street virtual office you will have a prestigious address for your business, where mail can be received in your name and your company name. You will have a dedicated phone number in which your calls will be answered professionally by our receptionist in your company name. With your Baggot Street virtual office you will also have access to meeting room facilities, which you can use to meet your clients.

In Dublin, parking is also a considerable problem for business owners and staff.  There is a shortage of space and on street parking is charged per hour. Having a virtual office allows clients to work from home more, allowing cut backs on commuting  times along with parking costs, plus it’s also good for the environment.

Now during the Covid 19 crisis, virtual office services,  are now more in demand than ever.  With working from home becoming more of an option and entrepreneurs and freelancers becoming less dependent on physical office space and more open to using serviced office along with virtual office space.

Dublin Mail Drop also offers physical office space, which can be hired on an hourly, daily, weekly basis. There are no contacts and sign up to the physical space is flexible.

Even the Government is pushing for increased remote working. In July, Leo Varadkar, the new Business Minister, appeared to be pushing for employee and employers to embrace remote working by launching a public consultation on updating guidelines for remote working. The Department of Business wants both employers and employees to share their thoughts on how the Guidance for Working Remotely document can be updated.

Minister Varadkar added “Covid-19 disrupted our working lives and threw many of us into working from home or remotely for the very first time,” Varadkar said. “We learned quickly what was possible by using modern technology”. “It’s been an accelerator of change that was coming and while we all want to be free to return to our workplaces, we don’t want to go back to things exactly as they were. The Government wants remote working and home working to become part of the new normal.

We have 13 years of experience in the business and have looked after thousands of client’s during this time. Our virtual office services can easily be signed up to online.