How Can A Virtual Office Benefit A Start Up?

Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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Starting a new business can be hard. From finding partners, creating a business plan, to the funding, it can be a massive task.  One of the challenges many startups face is wanting to have a corporate image, while trying to keep the project cost effective. You want to be able to attract potential clients, but you want to do it without breaking the bank. And here is how a virtual office. can help you achieve that.


Low Financial Cost

Having an office can be expensive, when you are starting from the ground, you need to keep your costs as low as possible. You need to figure out what is truly essential to run your business. Renting an office space may seem appealing but it also means you’ll have huge monthly overheads.  There’s commercial space to lease or buy, office furniture, utilities to pay, all sorts of additional insurance, security and even IT costs.

Instead of going through the process of recruitment, training & monthly payroll, many services offer having a trained person answering your calls, receiving your messages, and forwarding them. Virtual offices can give you all this for  a fraction of the cost of having a building space.


Increasing Credibility

Companies with a corporate identity reap huge benefits. The main ones being perception and credibility. If you are using your home address as your business address it may look unprofessional. Competing with big corporations can be hard when you don’t have the monetary resources to rent big office spaces, in upmarket locations.

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner working from home, in need of a corporate address. A virtual office can give you that. In fact, many of them offer packages including an address for your lettering, business cards, and marketing material, as well as local (international ones are also available) phone number, and handling your mail.


You Get to Test The Waters

Ensuring thorough knowledge for building a start up is paramount. You will also want to invest time into your research. Due to these fundamentals parts of building a business, you will want to ensure you have low investments into your overheads. This in turn will lower the risk you face. A virtual office can used per need basis rather than a fix cost. When lower investments are made in some areas it can allow for greater willingness to take risks in other areas. Even if the trial or expansions doesn’t provided the expected results, the margin of loss will be small enough to start over with better strategies. This is not a liberty one can have with a permanent office space.


Time Management

Another benefit is that it can save a lot time. Instead of driving or taking transportation everyday to a workplace you can start working whenever and wherever you want to. It will also help you stay on track with your business goals. Some business owners try to do everything themselves and end up wasting time on administrative work.

In a virtual office you will have someone to take care of that. The more time you save, the more invested you can be on your business, and increasing its productivity.


Building Your Ideal Team

Hiring the right people for your business can be hard. You probably want to hire the best people on the field, but aren’t yet able to pay big salaries. Reducing the your overheads such as rent and associated expenses may give you the opportunities to hire top quality employees. Having the option to hire such talent may give your business the edge it needs to get off the ground.