Benefits of having a live call answering service for your business.

Call Answering Service
Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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How many times have your been out on a job or in a meeting or driving and miss a call, which could have been important or a potential sale and you will never know. With a live call answering service, calls will be answered in your company name, messages taken and forwarded to you. You will never miss a call again.

Signing up to a call answering service will offer you many benefits as follows:

1. You have your own receptionist without hiring one.
When you sign up to a live call answering service, you will have a full benefits of a live receptionist answering your calls, professionally in your company name. The client can usually provide the script of how calls should be answered. The live call answering service, will come at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a full time receptionist. The phone answering service will provide you with all the benefits of having a real life company receptionist, but without having to incur the financial costs as an employers along with employer commitments and obligations.

2. Never Miss a Call.
With a live receptionist, your calls will always be answered, no matter what you work at or where you are. You could be in a meeting with clients, in a bar or restaurant, working from home with the kids screaming in the background and you can rest assured, your calls will be answered in a polite and efficient way. Messages are taken and forwarded to you via phone or email. Imagine all the calls you are missing and could miss in the future. Some could be potential clients and sales. Missing these sort of calls will affect the turnover of your business. A recent survey carried out by Dublin Mail Drop showed that 54% of Irish customers will not ring back, if their call isn’t answered on the first attempt, meaning that whatever business they were potentially going to give your company is well and truly gone.

3. Present a Professional Image.
With a call answering service, you have the benefit of conveying a professional image of your business, with little overheads. That not only means that you get more control over your phone calls, you also get the benefit of generating an image of your business conveying more professionalism and security. Calls going unanswered during the working day looks unprofessional. Calls answered by a professional receptionist in your company name, already markets your business as serious and trustful.

4. 24/7 Cover .
When you use our live call answering service you get 24/7 cover for your business. 24/7 cover is vital for your business as it helps you provide better customer service along with winning more coverage and business. If you have a website your business can be viewed as 24/7, even if you are not. If so you may have calls after 5pm. If you can’t answer those calls, you risk losing the business. With the call answering service, not only are your getting more potential clients, you are getting a big advantage over your competition.

5. Expertise.
Call answering is an expertise and skill. You may not realise, but it is the person answering the call is the first image the caller experiences of your company. The expertise of the receptionist answering the call is vital. How the call is answered and handled provides confidence to the client or potential client.

Consider your situation and how many calls you may be potentially missing every day and ask yourself, would signing up to a live call answering service be beneficial and cost effective to you and your company.