5 Tips for Running a Successful Home Business

Little baby boy is spending time in his dad's office
Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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Little baby boy is spending time in his dad's office

5 Tips for Running a Successful Home Business

How to Be Productive and Run a Profitable Home Business

Lack of productivity is one of the biggest challenges when it come to running a profitable home business. These 5 tips will help you focus and be more efficient

51.6% of small businesses are located in someone’s home.

Working at home can help you break the cycle of a stressful office environment. And there’s no telling how large a profitable home business can grow.

But it all depends on how hard you work. To learn 5 ways to increase your home productivity keep reading.:

Create Your Work Environment

Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you should actually work in the same space you eat and sleep in. Doing so might actually cause resentment for those areas, or make you feel like you’re ALWAYS working.

When you’re starting a profitable home business it’s important for you to set the tone. The first rule: don’t work in your pajamas. You wouldn’t show up to an office or meet clients in pajamas so don’t wear them while you work.

This doesn’t mean you have to be really formal but throw on a nice shirt and pants to put yourself in that professional mood. Next rule: set aside a room or space in your home just for work.

This could mean using a separate room as a home office, or just investing in a desk for you to work on. It helps to have it be a space away from loud distractions. Make sure that you keep all of your office supplies put away and organized too.

Keep to a Schedule

Next, you’ll want to schedule your work time and stick to it. Write down how many hours you will work per week on your profitable home business. And hang it up near your workspace to remind yourself.

Make lists at the start of every workday to prioritize the tasks that need to get done. And spread your work out throughout the week as to not overwhelm yourself.

Identify Distractions

Identify what distracts you and then keep your distance. If you know that loud noise eliminates your chances of getting work done then move to a quiet space to work. Set the expectation in your household that work hours are quiet hours.

Eliminate screens wherever possible. If a smartphone isn’t necessary for your projects then turn it off and put it away when you start your home office work shift.

Take Breaks

Don’t feel like you have to work multiple hours with no stops. Taking breaks can not only feel great but it can help your productivity as well.

Studies have shown that taking one break every hour can increase our work productivity. Schedule breaks within your work period and set soft alarms to let yourself know when to step away.

Even though you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t take holidays! Be real with yourself on how you will spend certain holidays and which ones you will work.

Use Productivity Tools

Don’t be afraid to use tools for extra help! There’s a wide range of tools on the internet that help to increase your productivity.

StayFocusd is one free online tool that keeps you from accessing certain websites while you are working. It will keep you away from social media sites but will allow you to research different topics. You can set the time limit you want too.

Trello is also a great project management tool as well. You can create different boards for different projects and set yourself reminders and due dates as well.

Also investing in a good calendar can be helpful in keeping track as well. You should also consider using a virtual office to help make your profitable home business feel more professional.

More Tips on Setting Up Your Profitable Home Business

Starting your own business is not easy. It can often feel like you have a million of things on your plate. And doing it all from home can feel limiting.

But it all pays off to be your own boss in the long run. For more tips on setting up your business check out this blog post.