3 Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Receptionist for Your Business

a teenage office worker sits at her desk and speaks on her telephone headset . She is smiling and looks happy to be working in a big open plan office .
Alan Clerkin

Alan Clerkin

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Good customer service is critical for every  business. Here’s how a virtual phone receptionist can benefit your business and help keep your customers happy.

Every incoming phone-inquiry is a potential sale, but it can be difficult for small businesses and start-ups to afford a receptionist. A virtual phone receptionist is the perfect solution.

Read on to see why!

What is a Virtual Phone Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is an affordable way to make sure all your business calls are answered, ensuring no potential lead is lost. It is a contracted service that offers you a professional team at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

How it Works

A virtual receptionist is a paid service that answers all your business hour calls from another site. You forward all your calls to them automatically, and they follow your instructions as to how you would like inquiries handled.

The idea might sound strange at first; connecting your calls to strangers and relying on them to handle the business right. Virtual services is an enormous growth market for a reason, however, start-ups and SMEs are seeing fantastic ROI.

Let’s look at three of the key benefits of employing a virtual assistant service.

Three Key Benefits of Virtual Phone Receptionist Service

  1. No Call Is Lost – and Neither Is Your Time

Most businesses rely on inquiries that heat up into projects if handled right, so you can’t afford to miss that first call. The challenge for an SME or start-up is that your time is tied-up doing the work (often of two or three people!) so you can’t be answering phone inquiries throughout the day.

Even if you take a vacation – planned or not – calls are answered and dealt with appropriately.

  1. It Projects Professionalism

In terms of the professional branding of your business, a virtual receptionist is money well spent. Chose the right service and you’ve got a small team of experienced and well-trained receptionists representing your business. Calls are always answered during business hours and they greet calls warmly, handle basic customer questions, and smoothly send the call to you only when necessary.

When their call to your business is answered by a team of professional receptionists, customers get the impression they are dealing with a big, professional outfit. That inspires confidence. Customers feel more secure spending their money because they get the impression that many others are banking on your business, too.

  1. It Saves Money

A good virtual receptionist service will still cost you money, and they don’t come cheap. Compare it with the wage, leave entitlements, professional development, office furniture, and technology costs of a fulltime receptionist in your office. A virtual receptionist service quickly comes out in front for value-for-money.

After you’ve looked at the lead-conversion, branding and cost advantages of using a virtual receptionist, only one question remains…

Can You Afford NOT to Have a Virtual Reception Service?!

The customer service you provide by phone is usually the first line of contact a client or customer has with your business. Every time you miss a call or handle it while distracted with your own work, you are losing future business.

It’s time to get some quotes from a quality virtual phone receptionist to improve the sales, image, and bottom-line of your business. For the perfect solution for your business, get in contact today!